The Hugh Wilson house

1741 Coliseum, New Orleans

Notes from Johanna:

My recollection from what Dad has told me about Hugh Wilson is that he was a cotton broker.  They had some property outside of town (where they stashed the silver during the war)  as well as the house we all remember from the picture on Coliseum Place in the Lower Garden District.  Dad told me that they had to buy the house back from the Union when the war was over.  (N.O. fell early on and was occupied for most of the war by the Union)  You know that the house was used in the movie A Murder of Crows starring Cuba Gooding Junior and that Mom and Dad visited N.O. to try and learn more.  Dad told me that A.K. was friends/business associates with Hugh Wilson and that is how Alice Wilson was introduced to Lyman.  Alice’s brother, Hugh never married.  Aunt Mary told me (one of the several times we visited her in Balto.) that she loved to go to her grandparents house in N.O.  She said, very proudly, that they always had Irish servants only.  (What?!) Anyway.

You can view the interior of the house, extensively renovated in 2006, in this magazine article.

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