Grandpa explains the mosquito

From “The College Heights Low Down,” Vol 1, No. 8, Dec. 5, 1937, by LCJ, Jr.:

A mosquito is designed with a small fuselage, light undercarriage and landing gear, and monoplane wing structure, motor mounted forward and running at high speed resulting in a sound approaching high C, and in the forward cowling is mounted a powerful machine gun deadly at short range. A mosquito is essentially a pursuit ship quickly maneuvered, fast in landing and taking off. So far no sure defense has been developed against these devils of the air. General Gorgas however did much to put down their production.

I’m transcribing the nearly illegible “Low Down” issue by issue for perpetuity, and also to mine it for information. Did you know our father was known as “The Mack Truck of the Gridiron”? I didn’t. Much more to come. It’s some of the funniest writing I’ve seen.

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