Have a pedigree why don’t you

Elizabeth Aucher, 1561-1627

One day in 1580 or thereabouts, Elizabeth Aucher wed Sir William Lovelace of Bethersden, about whom I haven’t written yet, though I did recently profile his father. (Update: here’s young Wills.) All of these people lived in Kent, in or near Canterbury. They’re important to us because, within two generations, the Lovelaces would be mixing with the Gorsuch family and colonizing Virginia and Maryland.

I don’t know much about Elizabeth Aucher, but her grandfather and nephew, both named Sir Anthony Aucher, were interesting public characters cut from the same cloth. Specifically, they were both pretty good at making money but even better at spending it.

The Auchers have a distinguished pedigree going back to William the Conqueror, including such notable names as Northwood, De Say, St. Leger, Cornwallis, Boleyn, Howard, FitzAlan (Arundel), De Montfort, De Clare, De Beaumont, Marshal, De Beauchamp, St. Liz, Woodville, La Zouche and many others, along with the monarchs John, Henry III, and Edward I. She also descends from the unfortunate Despenser family. My favorite of her ancestors is a string of three lords named “Sir Richard Rich.”

She is buried in Canterbury Cathedral.

Elizabeth Aucher is an ancestor of Alice Vernon Wilson.

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