The Levering Family

This section shows the descent of the Levering family to Alice Vernon Wilson. It begins with Rosier Levering and his wife Elizabeth Van de Walle,…

The Ambrose Family

This section shows the descent of the Ambrose family to Alice Vernon Wilson.  It begins with a Lutheran farming family from Alsace-Lorraine headed by Matthias…

Alice Wilson’s Ahnentafel

The first Ahnentafel, published by Michaël Eytzinger in Thesaurus principum hac aetate in Europa viventium, Cologne, 1590

An Anhentafel (German for “ancestor table”)  is a scheme for numbering ancestors in strict sequence so that one can easily calculate relationships. The base person is number 1. Each father is assigned a number exactly double that of his child. Mothers are assigned a number equal to that of their husbands, plus 1.

So to navigate through the list: pick any person, note the assigned number, and you can find his or her father by doubling that number. The mother, if known, will be one digit higher and right next door. Likewise, to find anyone’s child, halve their assigned number and ignore any remainder. (Numbers missing from the sequence mean that we haven’t found that ancestor.)[...] read more

Stansbury Descent to Alice Vernon Wilson

2. German Adventurers Detmar and Catherine Sternberg arrived about 1658 from Germany. Unlike most of the others in Alice Wilson’s family tree, the Sternbergs seemed to…