Alice Wilson’s Ahnentafel

The first Ahnentafel, published by Michaël Eytzinger in Thesaurus principum hac aetate in Europa viventium, Cologne, 1590

An Anhentafel (German for “ancestor table”)  is a scheme for numbering ancestors in strict sequence so that one can easily calculate relationships. The base person is number 1. Each father is assigned a number exactly double that of his child. Mothers are assigned a number equal to that of their husbands, plus 1.

So to navigate through the list: pick any person, note the assigned number, and you can find his or her father by doubling that number. The mother, if known, will be one digit higher and right next door. Likewise, to find anyone’s child, halve their assigned number and ignore any remainder. (Numbers missing from the sequence mean that we haven’t found that ancestor.)

This list represents 15 generations of Alice Wilson’s ancestors – and it would contain twice as many people if we knew anything about her father’s history.

1 Alice Vernon WILSON. Born on 22 Feb 1860 in New Orleans, LA. Alice Vernon died in Baltimore MD, on 13 Apr 1940; she was 80. Buried in St. Columba’s, Middletown RI. On 19 Feb 1881 when Alice Vernon was 20, she married Lyman Colt JOSEPHS in New Orleans, LA.

2 Hugh WILSON. Born abt 1806 in Baltimore MD. Hugh died in New York NY, on 18 Oct 1878; he was 72. Buried in Pass Christian MS. Occupation: cotton factor, Bradley, Wilson & Co. On 13 Dec 1843 when Hugh was 37, he married Mary Jane MATHEWS.

3 Mary Jane MATHEWS. Born on 2 Apr 1819 in p. New Orleans LA. Mary Jane died in New Orleans LA, on 10 Feb 1891; she was 71. Buried in Pass Christian MS.

6 Leonard MATHEWS. Born on 27 Dec 1786 in Frederick MD. Leonard died in Pass Christian MS, on 10 Jan 1854; he was 67. Occupation: banker and president of the Sun Insurance Company of New Orleans. On 28 Oct 1817 when Leonard was 30, he married Mary Jane Wilson LEVERING in Baltimore County, MD.

7 Mary Jane Wilson LEVERING. Born on 22 May 1799 in Baltimore MD. Mary Jane Wilson died in Pass Christian MS, on 22 Aug 1874; she was 75. Buried in Live Oak Cemetery, Pass Christian.

10 John THOMPSON. Born in 1751. John died in Rochester NY, on 23 Jan 1801; he was 50. John married Phebe RYERS.

11 Phebe RYERS.

12 Johannes (John) MATHEWS. Born on 26 Jun 1749 in Frederick MD. Johannes (John) died in Frederick MD, on 1 Dec 1800; he was 51. Buried in Apple’s Church, Thurmont MD. Occupation: soldier of the Revolution. On 3 May 1772 when Johannes (John) was 22, he married Maria Catherine WELLER in Frederick MD.

13 Maria Catherine WELLER. Born on 16 Sep 1747 in Maryland. Maria Catherine died in Maryland on 28 Mar 1829; she was 81. Buried in Apple’s Church, Thurmont MD.

14 Peter LEVERING. Born on 4 Feb 1766 in Roxborough PA. Peter died in Baltimore MD, on 7 Dec 1843; he was 77. Occupation: owner, shipping firm and sugar refinery. Religion: Baptist. On 22 May 1798 when Peter was 32, he married Hannah WILSON in Zion Reformed Church, Baltimore.

15 Hannah WILSON. Born in 1779 in Baltimore MD. Hannah died in Baltimore MD, on 30 Apr 1854; she was 75. Religion: Baptist.

20 Thomas THOMPSON. Born in 1720. Thomas died in 1793; he was 73. Thomas married Anne TAYLOR.

21 Anne TAYLOR. Born in 1715.

24 Johann Jacob MATHEWS. Born on 23 Oct 1704 in Schweighausen-sur-Moder, Alsace. Johann Jacob died in Thurmont MD, on 27 May 1782; he was 77. Buried in Apple’s Church, Thurmont MD. Occupation: cartwright, farmer, wagoner. Religion: Lutheran. On 25 Jan 1729 when Johann Jacob was 24, he married Anna Margaretha JUNG in Alsace, Germany.

25 Anna Margaretha JUNG. Born on 24 Aug 1709 in Gundershoffen, Alsace. Anna Margaretha died in Thurmont MD, on 12 Oct 1788; she was 79. Buried in Apple’s Church, Thurmont MD.

26 Johannes WELLER. Born on 28 May 1716 in Diedenshausen, Westphalia, Germany. Johannes died in Thurmont MD, on 11 Mar 1792; he was 75. Buried in Apple’s Church, Thurmont MD. Occupation: mill owner, soldier of the Revolution. Religion: Lutheran. In 1743 when Johannes was 26, he married Catherine Salome AMBROSE in Frederick MD.

27 Catherine Salome AMBROSE. Born abt 1725 in Germany. Catherine Salome died in Bardstown KY, in 1804; she was 79. Buried in Mill Creek Cemetery, Nelson Co., KY. Religion: Lutheran.

28 Enoch LEVERING. Born on 21 Feb 1742 in Roxborough PA. Enoch died in Baltimore MD, on 21 Oct 1795; he was 53. Buried in First Baptist Church at Baltimore. Occupation: Tanner, grocer, Soldier of the Revolution. Religion: Baptist. On 10 Apr 1765 when Enoch was 23, he married Mary RIGHTER in Roxborough, PA.

29 Mary RIGHTER. Born in 1742. Mary died in Baltimore MD, on 21 Feb 1794; she was 52. Buried in First Baptist Church at Baltimore.

30 William WILSON Sr. Born on 14 Apr 1750 in Limerick, Ireland. William died on 20 Mar 1824; he was 73. Occupation: merchant, ship owner, president of the Bank of Baltimore; personally financed U.S. Navy during the War of 1812. Religion: Baptist. On 14 Jul 1774 when William was 24, he married Jane STANSBURY.

31 Jane STANSBURY. Born on 14 Apr 1750 in Baltimore MD.

40 Cornelius THOMPSON. Born in 1660. Cornelius died in 1727; he was 67. Cornelius married Elizabeth Catherine MORRIS.

41 Elizabeth Catherine MORRIS. Born in 1682. Elizabeth Catherine died in 1726; she was 44.

42 Joseph TAYLOR. Born in 1690. Joseph died in 1748; he was 58. Joseph married Margaret CLAYTON.

43 Margaret CLAYTON. Born in 1694. Margaret died in 1735; she was 41.

48 Johan Jacob MATHEWS. Born in 1675 in Germany. Johan Jacob married Anna Maria SCHULKE.

49 Anna Maria SCHULKE. Born abt 1675.

50 Johann Michael JUNG. Born on 18 Dec 1686 in Alsace, Germany. Johann Michael died in Alsace, Germany, on 3 Mar 1713; he was 26. Johann Michael married Anna Margaretha GASS.

51 Anna Margaretha GASS. Born on 1 Jun 1690 in Alsace, Germany. Anna Margaretha died in Alsace, Germany, aft 1752; she was 61.

52 Johann Daniel WELLER. Born on 11 Aug 1677 in Diedenhausen, Westphalia, Germany. Johann Daniel died in Lancaster Co., PA, on 29 Nov 1761; he was 84. Johann Daniel married Anna Maria SPIES.

53 Anna Maria SPIES. Born on 6 Dec 1679. Anna Maria died in Frederick MD, on 1 Dec 1754; she was 74.

54 Mathias AMBROSE. Born on 17 Feb 1695 in Alsace . Mathias died in Frederick MD, on 10 Aug 1784; he was 89. Buried in Apple’s Church, Thurmont MD. Occupation: miller. Religion: Lutheran. abt 1725 when Mathias was 29, he married Elizabeth WILHEIT in Germany.

55 Elizabeth WILHEIT. Born in 1711 in Germany. Elizabeth died in p. at sea, in 1732; she was 21.

56 William LEVERING. Born in Aug 1705 in Roxborough PA. William died on 30 Mar 1774; he was 68. Buried in Leverington Cemetery, Roxborough. Occupation: farmer, blacksmith, hotelier; founded 1st school in Roxborough. On 2 May 1732 when William was 26, he married Hannah HARDEN.

57 Hannah HARDEN. Born abt 1709 in Philadelphia PA. Hannah died in Roxborough PA, on 23 May 1768; she was 59. Buried in Leverington Cemetery, Roxborough.

58 Peter RIGHTER. Born in 1705 in Roxborough PA. Peter died in Roxborough PA, on 15 Jan 1776; he was 71. Occupation: ferryman. Peter married Elizabeth BAKER (?).

59 Elizabeth BAKER (?). Born in 1710. Elizabeth died in 1770; she was 60.

60 James WILSON. Born in 1691 in Kilmarnock, Scotland. James died in Limerick, Ireland. James married Unknown WALKER.

61 Unknown WALKER.

62 Thomas STANSBURY Jr. Born on 24 Apr 1714 in Baltimore MD. Thomas died in Baltimore MD, in 1798; he was 83. Buried in Long Crandon Cemetery, Timonium MD. Occupation: General in the Revolutionary War? On 2 Mar 1735 when Thomas was 20, he married Hannah GORSUCH.

63 Hannah GORSUCH. Born in 1717 in Baltimore MD.  Hannah died in Baltimore MD, on 11 Sep 1800; she was 83. Buried in Long Crandon Cemetery, Timonium MD.

82 Lewis MORRIS. Born in 1660. Lewis died in 1696; he was 36. Lewis married Elizabeth ALMY.

83 Elizabeth ALMY. Born in 1663. Elizabeth died in 1712; she was 49.

100 Jacob JUNG. Born in 1651 in Alsace, Germany. Jacob died in Alsace, Germany, on 17 Jan 1695; he was 44. Jacob married Susannah FISCHER.

101 Susannah FISCHER.

102 Michael GASS. Born in 1653 in p. France. Michael died in Alsace, Germany, on 30 Aug 1709; he was 56. Michael married Elizabetha MUELLER.

103 Elizabetha MUELLER. Born abt 1668 in p. France.

110 Friedrich WILHEIT. Born in 1686 in Sinsheim, Germany. Friedrich married Lucretia.

111 Lucretia.

112 William LEVERING. Born on 4 May 1679 in Mulheim on the Ruhr, Bruch Westphalia, Germany. William died in Roxborough PA, in Aug 1746; he was 67. In 1703 when William was 23, he married (Anna) Catherine SHOEMAKER in Philadelphia PA.

113 (Anna) Catherine SHOEMAKER. Born in 1679 in Germany. (Anna) Catherine died in Roxborough PA, in 1724; she was 45.

114 Aaron HARDEN. Born abt 1685 in p. Wiltshire, England. Aaron died in Philadelphia PA, aft 1726; he was 41. On 23 Oct 1708 when Aaron was 23, he married Mary ARMITAGE in First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia.

115 Mary ARMITAGE. Mary died in 1735.

116 Peter RIGHTER. Born on 27 Oct 1664 in Germany. Peter died in Roxborough PA, on 4 Aug 1744; he was 79. Occupation: yeoman. Peter married Rose.

117 Rose. Born in 1682. Rose died in 1741; she was 59.

124 Thomas STANSBURY. Born in 1678 in Baltimore MD. Thomas died in Baltimore MD, on 4 May 1766; he was 88. Buried in Ballestone Stansbury estate, Baltimore. Occupation: planter. In 1709 when Thomas was 31, he married Jane DIXON in Great Falls MD.

125 Jane DIXON. Born abt 1688 in Baltimore MD. Jane died in Baltimore MD, on 4 May 1766; she was 78. Buried in Ballestone Stansbury estate, Baltimore.

126 Charles GORSUCH. Born abt 1687. Charles died in 1746; he was 59. Charles married Unknown.

127 Unknown.

164 Thomas MORRIS. Born in 1635. Thomas died in 1666; he was 31. Thomas married Sarah.

165 Sarah. Born in 1631. Sarah died in 1680; she was 49.

166 Christopher ALMY. Born in 1631. Christopher died in 1712; he was 81. Christopher married Elizabeth CORNELL.

167 Elizabeth CORNELL. Born in 1646. Elizabeth died in 1708; she was 62.

200 Michael JUNG.

202 Marx FISCHER. Born in 1619. Marx died on 27 Sep 1685; he was 66. Marx married Maria.

203 Maria.

204 Hans Ulrich GASS. Born in 1631. Hans Ulrich died in Alsace, Germany, on 24 Feb 1701; he was 70. Hans Ulrich married Anna.

205 Anna. Born in 1633 in p. France. Anna died in Alsace, Germany, on 26 Feb 1693; she was 60.

206 Ulrich MUELLER. Born abt 1645.

224 John Wygard LEVERING. Born abt 1648 in Westphalia, Germany. John Wygard died in Roxborough PA, on 2 Feb 1745; he was 97. Buried in Leverington Cemetery, Roxborough. Occupation: Weaver, yeoman, joiner. Religion: Mennonite or Huguenot. On 22 Mar 1674 when John Wygard was 26, he married Magdelena BOEKRS in Gemen, Germany.

225 Magdelena BOEKRS. Born abt 1650 in Leiden, Holland. Magdelena died in Philadelphia PA, in 1717; she was 67.

226 Jacob SHOEMAKER. Born in Aug 1650. Jacob married Unknown.

227 Unknown.

228 Anthony HARDEN. Born in Apr 1650 in Wiltshire, England. Anthony died in Philadelphia PA, in 1730; he was 79. In 1672 when Anthony was 21, he married Mary Elizabeth in Wiltshire, England.

229 Mary Elizabeth. Born in 1650 in Wiltshire, England. Mary Elizabeth died in Philadelphia PA, in 1690; she was 40.

230 Benjamin ARMITAGE. Born in 1661 in Almondbury, Yorkshire, England. Benjamin died in Abington PA, on 28 Nov 1735; he was 74. Buried in 1st Presbyterian Cemetery, Abington, PA. Occupation: blacksmith, gunsmith. On 25 Jun 1685 when Benjamin was 24, he married Mary Maria CHARLESWORTH in Yorkshire, England.

231 Mary Maria CHARLESWORTH. Born on 22 Aug 1660 in Yorkshire, England. Mary Maria died in Bristol, PA, on 16 Feb 1730; she was 69. Buried in Abington Presbyterian Churc, PA.

248 Tobias STARNBOROUGH. Born in 1652 in Germany. Tobias died in Baltimore MD, on 23 Apr 1709; he was 57. bef 1677 when Tobias was 25, he married Unknown.

249 Unknown. Born abt 1652. Unknown died abt 1680; she was 28.

250 John DIXON. Born abt 1625. John died abt 1670; he was 45. John married Jane.

251 Jane.

252 Charles GORSUCH. Born in 1642 in Walkern, Hertfordshire, England. Charles died in 1716; he was 74. Charles married Sarah (T.) COLE.

253 Sarah (T.) COLE. Sarah (T.) died in 1689.

332 William ALMY. Born abt 1600 in England. Occupation: planter; founder, Sandwich MA. Religion: Quaker. On 17 Jul 1626 when William was 26, he married Audrey BARLOWE in Leicestershire, England.

333 Audrey BARLOWE. Born abt 1603 in Lincoln, England. Audrey died aft 1676; she was 73.

334 Thomas CORNELL. Born in 1595 in Essex, England. Thomas died in Rhode Island, in 1655; he was 60. Thomas married Rebecca BRIGGS in England.

335 Rebecca BRIGGS. Born on 25 Oct 1600 in London, England. Rebecca died in Portsmouth RI, on 8 Feb 1673; she was 72.

408 Ulrich GASS. Born in 1595. Ulrich married Ursell GERSTEIN.

409 Ursell GERSTEIN. Born in Gelterkinden, Switzerland.

448 Rosier LEVERING. Born abt 1615 in Leiden, Holland. Rosier died in Westphalia, Germany. Religion: Mennonite or Huguenot. abt 1647 when Rosier was 32, he married Elizabeth VAN DE WALLE in Westphalia, Germany.

449 Elizabeth VAN DE WALLE. Born on 21 May 1626 in Wesel, Germany.

450 William BOEKRS. William married Sidonia Williams BRAVIERS.

451 Sidonia Williams BRAVIERS.

452 Jacob SHOEMAKER. Born bef 1620 in Kriegsheim, Germany. Jacob died in 1722; he was 102. Occupation: sheriff of Germantown; gave land for Quaker meetinghouse. Religion: Quaker. Jacob married Margaret.

453 Margaret.

456 Richard HARDEN. Born in 1614.

460 James ARMITAGE. Born on 2 Feb 1632 in Yorkshire, England. James died in Yorkshire, England, in 1699; he was 66. On 25 Feb 1660 when James was 28, he married Martha HATFIELD in Yorkshire, England.

461 Martha HATFIELD. Born in 1632 in Yorkshire, England. Martha died in Yorkshire, England, in Oct 1704; she was 72.

462 Joseph (Johannis) CHARLESWORTH. Born in Yorkshire, England. Joseph (Johannis) died in 1699 in Yorkshire, England. On 13 Feb 1644 Joseph (Johannis) married Sarah GREEN in Yorkshire, England.

463 Sarah GREEN. Born in 1623 in Yorkshire, England. Sarah died in Yorkshire, England, in 1700; she was 77.

496 Detmar STERNBERG. Born on 26 Mar 1628 in Westphalia, Germany. Detmar died in Baltimore MD, aft 1682; he was 53.

Detmar married Renske (Catherine).

497 Renske (Catherine). Born in Germany.

504 Rev. John GORSUCH. Born in p. London, England. John died in 1647 in England, murdered by Cromwell’s forces. Occupation: Rector of Walkern Church, Hertfordshire. John married Anne Barne LOVELACE.

505 Anne Barne LOVELACE. Born abt 1611. Anne Barne died in p. at sea en route to Virginia, bef 1652; she was 41.

506 Capt. Thomas COLE. Born abt 1603 in Devon, England . Thomas died in Anne Arundel Co., MD, in Dec 1679; he was 76. Religion: Quaker. Thomas married Priscilla.

507 Priscilla. Born abt 1627.

664 Christopher ALMY. Born in Leicestershire, England. Occupation: gentleman.

666 Stafford BARLOWE.

668 Richard CORNELL.

670 Henry BRIGGS. Born in 1574 in London, England. Henry married Mary HICKES.

671 Mary HICKES.

816 Hans GASS. Born in 1574. Hans married Maria GYSIN.

817 Maria GYSIN. Born in Oltingen, Switzerland.

898 Jacobus VAN DE WALLE.

904 Arndts SCHUMACHER. Born abt 1590 in Dollendorf, Germany. Arndts died on 15 Jan 1655; he was 65. Arndts married Agnes ROESEN.

905 Agnes ROESEN.

920 Godfrey ARMITAGE. Born on 4 Sep 1603 in Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England. Godfrey died in Yorkshire, England, in 1671; he was 67. In 1632 when Godfrey was 28, he married Ann HALLIWELL.

921 Ann HALLIWELL. Born abt 1610 in Elland, Yorkshire, England. Ann died in Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England, on 20 Apr 1670; she was 60.

922 John HATFIELD. John married Elizabeth.

923 Elizabeth.

924 Joseph CHARLESWORTH. Joseph married Elizabeth ALSOPP.

925 Elizabeth ALSOPP.

992 Dethmarus STERNBERG. Born abt 1605 in p. Germany. In 1625 when Dethmarus was 20, he married Renske (Catherine?) MORSKE in Westphalia, Germany.

993 Renske (Catherine?) MORSKE.

1008 Daniel GORSUCH. Born in Apr 1569 in Kent, England. Daniel died on 8 Oct 1638; he was 69. Occupation: merchant. Daniel married Alice HALL.

1009 Alice HALL.

1010 Sir William LOVELACE III. Born abt 1584. William died in in battle during the siege of Groll, Holland, on 12 Aug 1627; he was 43. abt 1610 when William was 26, he married Anne BARNE.

1011 Anne BARNE. Born abt 1590. Anne died in 1633; she was 43.

1012 Rev. Humphrey COLE. Born in 1572 in Slade, Cornwood, Devonshire, England. Humphrey died in Tillingham, Essex, England, on 27 Mar 1624; he was 52. Occupation: Vicar of Tillingham. In 1596 when Humphrey was 24, he married Mary MOTT in Essex, England.

1013 Mary MOTT. Born in 1576 in Denge, Essex, England. Mary died in Tillingham, Essex, England. 1632 Ulrich GASS. Born abt 1540 in Switzerland. Ulrich married Catharina HANDTSCHIN.

1633 Catharina HANDTSCHIN.

1808 Arndts Heinrich SCHUMACHER.

1840 John ARMITAGE. Born on 12 May 1566 in Yorkshire, England. John died in Yorkshire, England, in 1620; he was 53. On 8 May 1586 when John was 19, he married Margaret BLACKBURN in Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England.

1841 Margaret BLACKBURN. Born on 5 Oct 1562. Margaret died in 1624; she was 61.

2016 William GORSUCH. Born in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England. William died in p. London, England. Occupation: merchant. In 1566 William married Avice HILLSON.

2017 Avice HILLSON.

2018 John HALL. Occupation: merchant.

2020 Sir William LOVELACE II. Born in 1561. William died in Canterbury, Kent, England, in 1629; he was 68. Buried on 12 Oct 1629 in St. Margaret’s, Bethersden. Occupation: knight, soldier, member of Parliament. bef 1581 when William was 20, he married Elizabeth AUCHER.

2021 Elizabeth AUCHER. Born abt 1561 in Canterbury, Kent, England. Elizabeth died in 1627; she was 66. Buried on 3 Dec 1627 in Canterbury Cathedral.

2022 Sir William BARNE. Born abt 1568. William died in Woolwich, Kent County, England, on 7 May 1619; he was 51. Occupation: knight, soldier. In May 1586 when William was 18, he married Anne SANDYS.

2023 Anne SANDYS. Born on 21 Jun 1570. Anne died abt 1629; she was 58.

2024 Sir William COLE. Born abt 1551. William died in 1611; he was 60. abt 1573 when William was 22, he married Elizabeth DEARDS in London, England.

2025 Elizabeth DEARDS. Born abt 1550 in Tillingham, Essex, England.

3616 Johann SCHUMACHER.

3680 Edward ARMITAGE. Born in 1540 in Yorkshire, England. Edward died in Yorkshire, England. Edward married Elizabeth BORDLEY.

3681 Elizabeth BORDLEY. Born in Yorkshire, England. Elizabeth died on 31 Mar 1585.

3682 John BLACKBURN. Born in 1535 in Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England. On 12 May 1560 when John was 25, he married Jenet JAGGOR in Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England.

3683 Jenet JAGGOR. Born in 1539.

4040 Serjeant William LOVELACE. Born abt 1527 in Lovelace Place, Kent, England. William died in London, England, on 23 Mar 1577; he was 50. Buried in Canterbury Cathedral. Occupation: Counsel to Cinque Ports, Canterbury, and Faversham, justice of assizes. member of Parliament. abt 1547 when William was 20, he married Anne LEWES.

4041 Anne LEWES. Born abt 1530 in Kent, England. Anne died in Canterbury, Kent, England, in 1569; she was 39. Buried on 25 Feb 1569 in Canterbury Cathedral.

4042 Edward AUCHER. Born abt 1539 in Bishopsbourne, Kent, England . Edward died in Bishopsbourne, Kent, England, on 14 Feb 1568; he was 29. On 14 Jul 1560 when Edward was 21, he married Mabel WROTH in St Peter Cornhill, London.

4043 Mabel WROTH. Born abt 1542 in Durrants, Enfield, Middlesex, England. Mabel died in 1597; she was 55.

4044 Sir George BARNE. Born abt 1532. George died in 1592; he was 60. Buried in St. Edmunds, London, England. Occupation: knight, Sheriff of London, Lord Mayor of London. George married Anne GARRARD.

4045 Anne GARRARD. Anne died on 31 Dec 1611.

4046 Edwin SANDYS. Born in 1519 in Hawkshead, Furnace Fells, Lancashire, England. Edwin died on 10 Jul 1588; he was 69. Buried in Southwell Minister, Nottinghamshire, England. Occupation: Archbishop of York. Edwin married Cecily WILSFORD.

4047 Cecily WILSFORD. Born abt 1525. Buried in 1610. Cecily died in Woodham Ferras, Essex, England, in 1610; she was 85.

4048 Rev. William COLE. Born abt 1538 in London, England. William died in Lothbury, London, England, on 16 Feb 1600; he was 62. William married Anne COLLES in London, England.

4049 Anne COLLES. Born in Bradwell, Buckinghamshire, England. Anne died in 1603.

4050 Nathaniel DEARDS. Born abt 1515. Occupation: London silk merchant. Nathaniel married Elaine SCOTT.

4051 Elaine SCOTT. Born abt 1527. Elaine died abt 1585; she was 58.

7360 John ARMITAGE. Born in Almondbury, Yorkshire, England. John died in 1557 in Almondbury, Yorkshire, England. Buried in Churchyard of Almondbury, Yorkshire. John married Joan.

7361 Joan.

8080 William LOVELACE. Born abt 1480. William died abt 1541; he was 61. bef 1524 when William was 44, he married Alice STEVENS.

8081 Alice STEVENS. Born abt 1495. Alice died in 1541; she was 46.

8082 Robert LEWES. Occupation: alderman and mayor of Canterbury. Robert married Margaret.

8083 Margaret.

8084 Sir Anthony AUCHER. Born abt 1500 in Bishopsbourne, Kent, England. Anthony died in in the Battle of Calais, France, on 9 Jan 1558; he was 58. Buried in St. Mary’s, Bishopsbourne, Canterbury, Kent. Occupation: Knight of Otterden and Bishopbourne, Marshall of the Fortress of Calais, Governor of Guisnes, Master of the Jewels, agent for Henry VIII in suppression of monasteries. Anthony married Affra CORNWALLIS.

8085 Affra CORNWALLIS. Born abt 1510 in Brome, Suffolk, England. Affra died in Otterden, Kent, England, bef 12 May 1560; she was 50. Buried in Bishopsbourne, Kent, England.

8086 Sir Thomas WROTH. Born abt 1518 in Durrants, Enfield, Middlesex, England. Thomas died bef 16 Apr 1575; he was 57. Occupation: knight, Member of Parliament, gentleman of the bedchamber of King Edward VI. abt 1539 when Thomas was 21, he married Mary RICH.

8087 Mary RICH. Born abt 1516 in Enfield, Middlesex, England.

8088 Sir George BARNE. George died on 18 Feb 1558 in London, England. Buried in St. Bartholomew-the-Less, London. Occupation: knight, Sheriff of London, Lord Mayor of London, merchant adventurer. George married Alice BROOKE.

8089 Alice BROOKE. Alice died in 1559. Buried on 2 Jun 1559.

8090 Sir William GARRARD. Born in 1507. William died on 27 Sep 1571; he was 64. Buried in Church of St. Magnus the Martyr. Occupation: Lord Mayor of London. William married Isabel NETHERMILL.

8091 Isabel NETHERMILL.

8092 William SANDYS. William died abt 1548 in Furnace Fells, Lancashire, England. Buried in Church of St. Michael’s, Hawkshead, Lancashire,-England. Occupation: Receiver General for the Liberties at Furnace, Supported Henry VIII. William married Margaret DIXON.

8093 Margaret DIXON. Margaret died aft 1548.

8094 Thomas WILSFORD Esq. Born in Hartridge, Cranbrook, Kent, England. Thomas married Rose WHETENHALL.


8096 Rev. Thomas COLE. Born abt 1520 in Slade, Cornwood, Devonshire, England. Thomas died in London, England, in Apr 1571; he was 51. Buried in Allhallows Church, London. Occupation: Archdeacon of Essex. Thomas married Elizabeth HARGRAVE.

8097 Elizabeth HARGRAVE. Born abt 1521 in London, England.

8098 Michael COLLES.

14720 John ARMYTAGE. Born in Yorkshire, England. John married Unknown KNUTSWORTH.

14721 Unknown KNUTSWORTH. Born in Yorkshire, England.

16160 William LOVELACE. Born abt 1435 in Queenhithe, London, England. William died in 1495; he was 60. In 1472 when William was 37, he married Lora PECKHAM.

16161 Lora PECKHAM. Born abt 1450. Lora died abt 1520; she was 70.

16162 Unknown STEVENS.

16168 James AUCHER. James died in 1509. Buried in St. Lawrence the Martyr, Otterden, Kent. abt 1498 James married Alice HILL.

16169 Alice HILL. Born abt 1475 in Eggarton, Kent, England. Alice died aft 1510; she was 35.

16170 William CORNWALLIS. Born abt 1470 in Brome, Suffolk, England. William died in 1519; he was 49. William married Elizabeth STANFORD.

16171 Elizabeth STANFORD. Born in 1466 in Stagsden, Bedfordshire, England. Elizabeth died in Thrandeston, Suffolk, England, on 1 Apr 1537; she was 71. Buried in St. Mary’s, Thrandeston, Suffolk, England.

16172 Robert WROTH. Born abt 1489 in Durrants, Enfield, Middlesex, England. Robert died bef 26 May 1536; he was 47. Occupation: attorney of the Duchy of Lancaster, Member of the Reformation Parliament. bef 1517 when Robert was 28, he married Jane HAUTE.

16173 Jane HAUTE. Born abt 1486 in Bishopsbourne, Kent, England. Jane died aft 1546; she was 60.

16174 Sir Richard RICH. Born abt 1496 in St Lawrence, Jewry,-London, England. Richard died on 12 Jun 1567; he was 71. Occupation: 1st Baron Rich, chancellor of the court under Henry VIII. Richard married Elizabeth JENKES.

16175 Elizabeth JENKES. Born abt 1502. Elizabeth died on 16 Dec 1558; she was 56.

16176 George BARNE. Born in London, England. Occupation: haberdasher.

16180 John GARRARD.

16182 Julius NETHERMILL. Born in Coventry, Warwick, England. Occupation: gentleman.

16184 George SANDYS. George died aft 1513. George married Margaret CURWEN.

16185 Margaret CURWEN. Born abt 1520.

16186 John DIXON. Born in London, England. John married Ann ROOS.

16187 Ann ROOS.

16188 James WILSFORD. James died aft 1499. Occupation: Alderman and Sheriff of London. James married Elizabeth BETENHAM.

16189 Elizabeth BETENHAM.

16190 William WHETENHALL Esq. Born in Peckham, Kent, England.

29440 Sir Edmond ARMYTAGE. Born in Yorkshire, England. Occupation: Lord of Wrigbowls. Edmond married Elline BRASBRIGG.

29441 Elline BRASBRIGG.

32320 Richard LOVELACE. Born abt 1393 in Sittingbourne, Kent, England. Richard died in London, England, in 1466; he was 73. Occupation: pardoned for having taken part in Jack Cade’s Rebellion. bef 1435 when Richard was 42, he married Unknown EYNSHAM in Lovelace Place, Bethersden, Kent, England.

32321 Unknown EYNSHAM. Born abt 1400. Unknown died abt 1460; she was 60. Occupation: heiress of Eynsham.

32336 John AUCHER. Born abt 1451 in Otterden, Kent, England. John died bef 26 Aug 1502; he was 51. Buried in St. Lawrence the Martyr, Otterden, Kent. Occupation: Among the Gentiles of Kent Regis Henry VII . abt 1474 when John was 23, he married Margaret CHURCH.

32337 Margaret CHURCH. Born abt 1455 in Kent, England.

32338 Thomas HILL. Born abt 1450 in Eggarton, Kent, England.

32340 Sir Thomas CORNWALLIS. Born abt 1425 in Brome, Suffolk, England. Thomas died on 26 May 1484; he was 59. Occupation: knight, Member of Parliament. abt 1452 when Thomas was 27, he married Philippa TYRELL.

32341 Philippa TYRELL. Born aft 1422. Philippa died in 1484; she was 62. Occupation: Lady Cornwallis.

32342 John STANFORD. Born abt 1425 in Stackden, Bedfordshire, England. John died on 3 Sep 1494; he was 69. abt 1450 when John was 25, he married Joan BOTELER.

32343 Joan BOTELER. Born abt 1427 in Mappershall, Bedfordshire, England.

32344 John WROTH. John died abt 1517 in Enfield, London, England. John married Joanna NEWDIGATE.

32345 Joanna NEWDIGATE.

32346 Sir Thomas HAUTE. Born abt 1460 in Shelvingbourne, Kent, England. Thomas died in Bishopsbourne, Kent, England, in 1502; he was 42. abt 1485 when Thomas was 25, he married Isabel FROWICKE.

32347 Isabel FROWICKE.

32348 Richard RICH. Born in London, England. Richard married Joan DINGLEY.

32349 Joan DINGLEY.

32350 William JENKES. Born in 1484 in London, England. William died in 1571; he was 87. Occupation: grocier, spice merchant. William married Elizabeth ADAMS.

32351 Elizabeth ADAMS.

32360 Lawrence GARRARD.

32368 William SANDYS. Born abt 1439 in The Vyne, Hampshire, England. William died on 26 Oct 1496; he was 57. William married Margaret RAWSON.

32369 Margaret RAWSON. Margaret died aft 1475. Occupation: cousin and heir of Abbot Rawlinson.

32370 Gerard CURWEN.

32374 Thomas ROOS.

32376 Robert WILSFORD.

32378 John BETENHAM Esq.





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