John Colt the younger, ca. 1661-1751

John Colt the younger is our second Colt in America, son of the immigrants John Colt and Mary Skinner of Hartford and then Windsor, Connecticut. He was born probably in Hartford, grew up in Windsor, and spent most of his adult life in what is now known as Old Lyme. He may have worked as a shipbuilder, according to a Rhode Island history that got nearly every other fact about his life wrong – and why are they writing about John Colt anyway?

Somewhere, some time he married Sarah Lord, daughter of William Lord and granddaughter of Thomas Lord and Dorothy Bird, who emigrated with their family from Northamptonshire in 1635 on the Elizabeth and Ann. Thomas Lord was a Puritan and a blacksmith and one of the founders of Hartford. He and his wife are also Pearson ancestors through another son named Richard Lord.

Many people claim that William Lord was married to a woman named Hattie Nickerson, who came from the Nickerson family on Cape Cod. I was pleased to add extra luminance to the memory of all those camping trips we had at Nickerson State Park. Alas, Hattie turns out to be imaginary and I had to replace her in the database with “Unknown.”

The younger John Colt and his wife Sarah had at least six children: three daughters whose names are unknown, and the sons John, Samuel, and Benjamin.

According to some pretty sketchy records, Sarah lived to be 89 and John to about 90. John, at least, is buried at the Duck River Cemetery in Old Lyme, Connecticut. The record is silent on Sarah.

John Colt, Jr. is an ancestor of Lyman Colt Josephs.

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