Grandpa effects an Arctic rescue

First two month of 1938 have been added to the Low Down files. Sure wish I’d gotten to know our grandfather longer. I think this is my favorite excerpt so far. (I’m guessing Uncle Lyman wasn’t much of a communicator when he was at Harvard…)

ASLEEP ON AN ICE FLOE. In the darkness of an arctic dawn amid swirling snow flurries the relief party detrained at the South Station and battled their way through redcaps and penguins to the tunnel to the North. At the Northern end of the tunnel the relief party ran into extreme conditions. Snow drifts 15 to 20 feet deep, natives on skis and the party didn’t even have rubbers. After five miles of slow progress not over a quarter of a mile an hour the party finally located the explorers hut. Inside we found the sole survivor buried under a two foot blanket of snow. Hastily he arose to dress without a word as befitting in the presence of his senior. Our emotions were near the bursting point. We said simply, “Mr. Josephs I believe.” With the emotion of six months pent up silence of the North, he barely whispered in reply, “HIYA POP.”
– LCJ. Jr., “College Heights Low Down,” Feb. 20, 1938

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