Trouble with Indians

Josephs, Pearson, Paige & Vail ancestors
caught in conflict with Indians

Date Ancestor Line Incident
1621 Cooke, Francis V Attacked at work in field along with Myles Standish; ran to safety, lost only their tools
1625 Douw, Petrus Pg Built stockade and house at Wolvenhoek NY to withstand frequent attacks from “River Indians”
1631 Berry, William Pr Served under Capt. John Mason in expedition to the Piscataqua River, between ME & NH
Pequot War
Feake, Robert (Lt.) V Mercenary; fought Indians in MA & CT; went mad after witnessing captain’s murder during Pequot War; abandoned wife and family
Mason, John (Capt.) V Led massacre at Mystic CT; virtually annihilated Pequot tribe; wrote book on Pequot War
Hallett, William (Capt.) V Mercenary; fought Indians in MA, CT, & NY; charged with adultery after not-quite-marrying wife of the incapacitated Lt. Feake
Olmsted, Nicholas V Officer at Hartford CT; later a captain in King Philip’s War
Pomeroy, Eltweed J Fought in Windsor CT; mare was killed
Steele, James V Served as trooper
Thrall, William Pr Served under Capt. John Mason at Mystic massacre; granted 50 acres
Underhill, John (Capt.) V Mercenary; fought Indians in MA, ME, CT, NH & NY; wrote book on Pequot War
  Weld, Joseph (Capt.) J Led regiment in Roxbury expedition
1643 Kieft’s War Cuvellier, Adrienne & Damen, Jan Pg Provoked Gov. Kieft into massacring two Indian settlements; led to two years’ war against New Amsterdam; Cuvellier said to have kicked severed Indian heads like soccer balls through streets of New Amsterdam
Van Cortlandt, Olaf S. Pg Appointed to protect New Amsterdam from Indian attack; ordered construction of wall (now Wall St.)
Ver Planck, Abraham & Vigne, Maria Pg Fled farm in Jersey City for safety of Manhattan fort during Indian wars; never returned
Wood, Margaret C. V Slaughtered, along with her son Frederick and 16 others, in a massacre at the home of Anne Hutchinson in Pelham NY
1649 Halsey, Elizabeth W. V Killed by Pequots; first European woman to die thus on Long Island; Pequot Chief Wyandoch led expedition to hunt down and hang the 4 murderers
1655 Hallett, William & Ffownes, Elizabeth V House at Hellgate NY destroyed in attack; moved to Flushing
1657-58 Bissell, John Pr Enlisted trooper for Windsor CT
1659 Klock, Abraham Pg Burned alive after volunteering in prisoner exchange, Ulster County (speculative)
1663 Esopus War Blanchan, Madeleine Jorisse Pg Captured in Indian attack along with her sister and niece, 2 children, and 33 other villagers; rescued 10 weeks later as her sister and baby were lying on bed of logs about to be burned; sister sang the 137th psalm (“By the rivers of Babylon”) and delayed lighting of fire just in time to be rescued
Blanchan, Matthieu Pg Esopus Indians burned village and murdered 24 people; wife and 2 children captured; participated in rescue mission to get them back
Douw, Volckert J. Pg Sister murdered; 9-year-old nephew captured on way to visit him; held 3 months
Hoffman, Emmerentje De Witt Pg Niece taken captive; brother Tjerck De Witt among leaders of rescue mission
1673-1693 Backus, William V Ensign, Norwich Train Band
Miles, John (Capt.) J Officer in New Haven CT Train Band; fought French and Indians for 20 years
King Philip’s War
Adams, Elinor Newton Pr Second husband, John Fussell, burned to death at nearly 100 yrs of age in Medfield MA in raid by King Phillip
Baker, Daniel J Soldier at Dennis MA
Bloetgoet, Frans Jansz Pg Killed at Flushing NY
Bradford, William (Maj.) V Commander in chief of Plymouth forces; severely wounded during Great Swamp Fight
Bulkeley, Gershom (Rev.) J Surgeon to CT forces; wounded, Wachuset MA
Byxbee, Joseph (Sgt.) V Soldier at Boxford MA
Byxbee, Joseph, Jr. V Soldier in Narragansett Campaign
Colt, John J Repelled Indian attack on Hartford CT home; routed second group preparing to attack settlement
Cooke, John V Turned house into garrison for Dartmouth MA; house held through war but was burned later
Cory, Elizabeth Minnetinka Gasesett V Orphaned daughter of Narragansett sachem killed in Great Swamp Fight; adopted by unknown Quaker woman; later married son of Capt. William Cory
Cory, William (Capt.) V Militia captain, Portsmouth RI
Fitch, James (Maj.) V Major general of CT forces
Fitch, James (Rev.) V Missionary to the Indians; persuaded Mohicans, Uncas, and Pequots to side with English against King Philip’s tribes
Fuller, Robert Pg Lost his wife, two sons, a daughter, and a son-in-law when Indians attacked Rehoboth MA
Gasesett, Chief V Narragansett sachem killed in Great Swamp Fight; daughter adopted by Quaker woman
Gould, John (Capt.) V Officer in Narragansett Campaign
Hart, Nicholas V Soldier at Taunton MA
Holbrook, William (Capt.) V Officer at Mendon MA; town destroyed and abandoned
Hurlbutt, Thomas V Shot through the thigh with an arrow during Pequot attack at Saybrook; held ground while others fled; commended for bravery and given special grant of 300 acres
Jenckes, Joseph V Foundry, forge at Pawtucket RI destroyed
Jenness, Francis Pr Soldier in Hampton NH
Kimball, Henry & Mary Pr Son Caleb killed at Ipswich MA
Kingsley, Eldad & Mehitable Pg Driven, along with rest of town, from Swansea MA to shelter at Newport RI till death of King Philip
Kingsley, John Pg Wife & children fled to Newport, nearly starved
Libby, John Pr Two sons killed; home at Scarborough ME destroyed
Locke, John Pr
Lord, Richard (Capt.) Pr Officer at Hartford CT
Niles, Nathaniel (Capt.) V Captain of militia at Braintree MA
Palmer, Samuel Pg Soldier under Bradford in Great Swamp Fight
Reynolds, James & Deborah V Son John killed at Westerly RI first night of war; every house in settlement burned
Richardson, Ezekiel & Susanna Pg Son killed in battle at Scarborough ME
Richardson, Samuel Pg Soldier; wife and two children slain
Richardson, Hannah Pg Killed at home in Woburn MA along with two of her children
Robbins, George Pg Part of a lynch mob that shot and killed friendly Indians in Chelmsford MA; arrested for murder, acquitted
Russell, John (Rev.) V Town of Hadley MA saved when “Angel of Hadley,” a regicide[1] in hiding with Russell, came out to warn town of attack and fight, then disappeared
Sleeper, Thomas Pr Fought off Indians trying to burn his house at Hampton NH
Steele, John V Appointed as commissary
Tefft, John V Killed at Kingston RI trying to retrieve body of son Joshua, who married a Narragansett and fought on their side; Joshua was captured, hanged, drawn & quartered by the colonials
Thomson, John (Lt.) V Garrison commander, Middleboro MA
Tucker, Henry, Martha, & Abraham V Fled Dartmouth MA for Newport during war; town destroyed; returned and build stone house to defy “the firebrand of the savages”
Waterman, Thomas V Commissary, Norwich CT?
Willey, John J Fought in Narragansett Campaign; posthumously granted land in Voluntown CT
Woodward, Peter J Soldier at Hadley MA
9 Feb 1690
Glen, Helena Pg Watched father negotiate with French & Indian attackers; 3 years later met Jan Baptist van Eps on his escape from captors (in Indian dress and war paint); 6 years later, married him
Glen, John Sanders Pg Rescued some of 27 captives because French and Indians counted him a friend
Schuyler, David Pietersz Pg Died of injuries 2 days after attack
Van Der Linde, Elizabeth Pg 2nd husband Jacob Vrooman killed in massacre
Van Der Volgen, Laurens Claes Pg Taken prisoner to Canada; escaped nine years later
Van Eps, Jan Pg Killed along with two of his children
Van Eps, Jan Baptist Pg Taken prisoner to Canada; escaped three years later
Van Eps, Lysbet Pg Husband and two children slain; another son taken prisoner for 3 years; two grandchildren killed and another taken prisoner and never returned; house burned
Van Vranken, Ryckert Claes Pg Son Klyn Isaac taken captive; escaped from Canada and returned July 1690
Vrooman, Hendrick B. Pg Killed along with one child
29 Sep 1691
Brackett’s Lane Massacre
Rand, Francis & Christina Pr Killed by Indians in Rye NH
1695 Sternberg, Tobias J Ranger under Capt. John Oldton; patrolled Baltimore County against Indian attack [change date and add Dennis Garrett?]
26 Aug 1696 Locke, John Pr Ambushed and killed at Rye NH, possibly in retribution for earlier savagery during King Philip’s War; is said to have sliced nose off Indian with sickle during his last stand
French & Indian War
Colt, Peter J Officer under Aaron Burr at Quebec; aide to General Wooster; later translator for Gen. Washington during the Revolution, also Deputy Commissary General, Continental Army
Hoffman, Martinus (Col.) Pg Head of Dutchess County regiment
Pearson, Jonathan (Capt.) Pr Officer, military company at Fort Edward
Paige, John Pg Soldier; served in two campaigns; wounded at Plains of Abraham, Quebec
Warren, Eliakim V Served in CT militia during 1759 campaign
1774-1779 Douw, Volckert Petrus Pg Indian Commissioner; built good relations and signed peace treaty with Iroquois Nation
  Douw, Johannes De Peyster Pg Joined Clinton-Sullivan Campaign to wipe out Iroquois Nation; destroyed 50 Indian towns in western NY including 1,200 houses and a million bushels of corn
  Vail, Gilbert Townsend V Killed at Battle of Minisink by the troops of Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant in 1779


[1] William Goffe was one of the English judges who sentenced Charles I to death during the English Civil War; he fled to hide in New England when the monarchy was restored in 1660.