The Arundel Family

This report is a very silly one, going back a ridiculous 28 generations from Alice Vernon Wilson. We start with Alan fitz Flaad, a mercenary recruited by William the Conqueror. Fitz Flaad gives way to the Fitz Alans, who eventually become the Arundels, who cut quite a swath through history, especially in the court of Edward II where there are beheadings and alliances with great names like Despenser and Montacute. Then they join with a family called Pashley before splitting into the Cornwallises and Auchers and Lovelaces, and descending twice to Alice in New Orleans.

As I say, any descent this long is pretty silly. But it’s interesting and guaranteed 80% accurate, as always. Click on the link to read, and you’ll have to enlarge the descent chart on your screen to see the details.


The Arundels (PDF)