(Mostly) American ancestors of Kate Stott

Kate Stott (1852-1923)

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Kate Stott’s ancestors include the very first of Dad’s immigrant ancestors to arrive: the Van Kouwenhovens, to New Amsterdam in 1625. They also include the very last: Jonathan Stott, to Hudson in 1814. In between she had a mixture of Dutch and English ancestors congregating around Westchester and the Bronx in the 1600s, including some very colorful ones.

Immigrants by year, Kate Stott only

The Stotts, Bennets, Oakleys, and Roomes that lived in New York City and the Hudson Valley in the 19th century all had enormous families, generation after generation, and the sibling and cousins stayed close. Periodically they got together for special events and, happily for us, wrote down their memories. Here are a few such documents I’ve found in the family papers:

Ann B. Davis from “The Brady Bunch”

To help navigate the billions of aunts, uncles, and cousins mentioned in these pages, refer to this handy chart showing four generations of descent from Jonathan Stott. For extra credit, see if you can find this famous actress in the mix!